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  • Code Geass: Colors (FLOW)
    I fangirl over these two dudes every time they come up on iTunes. There's so good live too. Uguuu this song. I have it memorized. At least the "idk what they're saying but I'll just sing along anyway" version of it.
  • Paradise Kiss: Lonely in Gorgeous (Opening Theme)
    Tommy February6's cool disco vibe is a perfect match for this stylish anime.
  • Vampire Knight: Rondo (ON/OFF)
    How do they sing so fast?? I really love the style of these songs. Very... Waltzy? I don't know what the word is. But I like it! I also recently updated my info at this fanlisting. And. It had my second fanlisting collective URL ( is my fourth fanlisting collective) and old e-mail. Woah.

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