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  • Avatars/Icons
    I probably have folders and folders of unused icons on my hard drive right now.
  • Chrome
    Google owns everything pretty much nowadays and it's so convenient having a browser that can integrate across my numerous devices. Chrome 5ever.
  • cPanel
    The moment I upgraded from FTP to cPanel, I knew that I would never turn back. Nothing will ever make me go back to FTP.
  • Domains
    I love having my own domain name. There's something more personal than being hosted on someone else's domain that they chose for themselves.
  • Enthusiast
    Bless Angela for creating this script. Even if it's incredibly outdated now. GitHub says last commit is 5 years ago... Yikes!
  • Fanlistings
    Why would I be here if I wasn't a fan of fanlistings?
  • Hosting
    Thank goodness for hosting. The Internet would be nothing without it.
  • HTML
    I cannot be more grateful for my introduction to programming through HTML.
  • Internet
    Where would I be without the Internet? Probably someplace more productive.
  • Lorem Ipsum
    My go to for placeholder text. I also love Lorem Ipsum alternatives!
  • Notepad++
    IDEs are a thing but nothing feels better than good old Notepad++. My computer doesn't slow to a crawl when using Notepad++...
  • PHP
    PHP is the very first "programming language" I learned and it was a huge turning point in my life.
  • Podcasts
    I listen to the Rooster Teeth Podcast religiously. When I'm caught up, I start again from the very beginning... Podcasts are just great for long rides.
  • Python
    Oh Python. So simple and sweet. Reads beautifully, like English.
  • Spotify
    As much as I hate it, Spotify has changed my listening habits considerably. I've discovered a couple of new artists and songs that I now love. I just need more money to get a subscription...
  • Steam
    Steam has changed the way I game forever. I used to be a console peasant. PCMR. But really, it's so much easier for me to game on my laptop than display my procrastination wide open on my console.
  • Websites
    Websites AKA the bane of my existence but also the light of my existence.

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