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  • Bacon
    I am the biggest bacon lover you will ever meet, EVER. I could not live without eating bacon at least once every week. The incoming heart attack will be worth it.
  • Blizzards
    It's dangerous to leave me alone with ice cream.
  • Brownies
    I'm so hungry right now and thinking about brownies is not helping.
  • Caramels
    Ugh, my mouth is watering at the thought!
  • Cheesecake
    Cheesecake is my favourite kind of cake. There is no other. The key to my heart is cheesecake.
  • Chocolate
    Does this even need explaining? I love chocolate.
  • Citrus: Oranges
    I love oranges. They're my favourite fruit.
  • Coca-Cola
    Coke over Pepsi.
  • Coffee
    Reduced coffee intake is one of my New Year's Resolutions this year (2016) and I'm struggling...
  • Cotton Candy
    I love the melt in your mouth sensation of cotton candy...
  • Doughnuts
    *sobs* I love doughnuts! Tim Hortons is my go to every time.
  • Eggs: Scrambled
    The best way to have eggs, imo.
  • Hamburgers
    I love hamburgers. I want one in my mouth right now.
  • Lasagna
    The perfect lasagna is where the cheese is slightly burnt. I'm so hungry.
  • Lay's Chips
    I love chips. I can eat a whole large bag of chips in one sitting. Oh god I want chips.
  • Mangoes
    "are mangoes really ur favorite fruit? or do u like them because they capture ur diasporic angst" what about both
  • Marshmallows
    Sweet, sugary goodness.
  • Mc Donald's: French Fries
  • Meat
    I'm a carnivore. Down with vegetables.
  • Oreos
    Oreos are perfection in a cookie.
  • Pasta: Spaghetti
    I love Spaghetti. Yum.
  • Pizza
    The perfect junk food.
  • Pizza: Cheese
    *high pitched whining noise* I want cheese pizza right now.
  • Pizza: Pepperoni
    BRB crying over the perfection of pepperoni pizza. Would like it in my stomach right now.
  • Pocky
    The ultimate mark of a w**aboo. I like to think that I would still like Pocky even if I never knew it was associated with Japan.
  • Rice
    I'm on a diet currently (2016) and I'm trying to lower my intake of rice and it's SO hard. I love rice...
  • S'mores
    S'mores are so perfect for camping. So great to eat around the campfire.
  • Watermelons
    Summer is the PERFECT time for watermelons.

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