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  • Blogging
    Admittedly, I haven't done much of this as much lately but I can get really into it.
  • Collecting: Books
    I want to have a room dedicated to my books once I have my own place.
  • Collecting: Stationery
    I LOVE stationery! I can spend hours in the stationery section of a store. I have never been to a stationery store before but god, please watch over my wallet if I ever do.
  • Gaming
    I have been gaming ever since I was young. I love it.
  • Going to the Movies
    I'm not much of a talker so movies are a great past time when out with friends.
  • Listening to Music
    Guess what I'm doing right now? You guessed right. I cannot live without music.
  • Sleeping
    I love sleeping. Okay, maybe it's my medication making me sleepy all the time but still. It's so nice getting a good night's rest. Which is rare!!!!!
  • Staying Up Late
    My eternal curse. I spend too much time on the Internet. Maybe that's why I'm sleepy all the time.

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