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  • Alternative Rock
    It's so hard to define genres but I love rock and I think I have a tendency to lean towards the alternative kind.
  • DIR EN GREY Concerts
    Their lives are so energetic!!!
  • J-pop
    I do like J-pop, despite being vehemently anti-pop sometimes but it all depends on what kind of J-pop.
  • Japanese Music
    A large portion of my music library is composed of Japanese music. I'm guessing maybe 60%-70%. I've been listening to Japanese music for a very long time and I don't see myself stopping any time soon.
  • K-pop
    Admittedly, I like K-pop as well. There's some catchy stuff out there.
  • Music
    Of course I love music!
  • Rock
    "Rock" is a very general genre but I love a lot of rock. I've always been a rocker at heart.

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