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  • Bjork
    Bjork, take me now. This woman is amazing.
  • BoA
    BoA AKA one of the many (okay, two) female musicians who I thought was Japanese due to their Japanese careers. BoA is such a classic.
  • Haines, Emily
    Leading lady of Metric is as solid as she is with the band as she is solo. Love her.
  • Koda Kumi
    I try my best to stay away from the typical J-Pop musicians but sometimes there are artists that are big for a reason. Koda Kumi is one of them. Long live one of the many princesses of J-Pop.
  • Newsom, Joanna
    Joanna is probably the best lyricist I have ever come across so far. Every single song is an amazing piece of art, whether zi like it or not. I love the stories she tells through her songs and how beautifully presented they are. I'm in love with Joanna Newsom.
    !!!!!!! I love this lady so much! She has a ton of great material.
  • Youhna
    Youhna has so much talent and she's been pretty consistent throughout her entire career.
  • YUI
    Her tone of voice is absolutely beautiful.

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