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  • Awaji, Yukihiro
    My favourite member of L'Arc~en~Ciel. He's so perfect. I can't just write one paragraph about him. I lahb him soooo much.
  • Billie Joe Armstrong
    Long live Billie.
  • Drake
    I actually like Drake....... As a musician, actor, and all around entertainer.
  • G-Dragon
    The shame is real. G-Dragon is really good.
  • Kyo
    Kyo is on another level of musicianship. Or does that sound pretentious?
  • Satoshi
    I am hugely Satoshi biased. Look at that perfect hardly aging face and listen to that almost flawless voice, wow, so perf.
  • Shinya
    I love all of the members of DIR EN GREY. Shinya is no exception. He's such a graceful drummer, I don't even know how he does it.
  • Ueda Tatsuya
    I owe this handsome bro the reason why I even run websites now. I first started out with websites when I ran a Ueda Tatsuya forum.

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