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  • Bookcases
    I need more bookcases in my house because now my books are just all over the place!
  • CDs
    I'm not against digital content in any way but I love seeing a row of CDs.
  • Computers
    Of course I love computers! Otherwise, how would I being doing this right now?
  • Desks
    My favourite way to work, even if the bed is a nice option.
  • MP3 Players
    People use their phones nowadays but there just isn't enough space on my phone to use them. Also, it's kind of novel to have a device dedicated just to one thing and one thing only.
  • Notebooks
    I can cry over how much I love notebooks. I have drawers full of them.
  • Pens
    Pens over pencils any day. It's so much nicer to write with pens than pencils, imo.

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