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  • Hitomi Takahashi: Aozora no Namida
    I haven't watched Blood+ but I love Hitomi Takahashi and this song. For some reason, I can't help but sing to this song. I really love Hitomi's unique voice.
  • Namie Amuro: Come
    The whispery tone of Namie's voice in this song adds just the right amount of charm to it.
  • Rie Fu: Life is Like a Boat
    I'm a sucker for Engrish songs, even though Rie Fu's Engrish is just plain English. I even used this song for a Powerpoint presentation in Religion class back in junior high.
  • Utada Hikaru: Hikari
    The ultimate Kingdom Hearts anthem (I never even played Kingdom Hearts).
  • Utada Hikaru: Simple and Clean
    It's almost impossible to NOT sing along to this song. And unlike Hikari, I can actually sing along to it.
  • YUI: Rolling Star
    I love Yui's voice. I absolutely love it. And my goodness, this song is awesome.

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