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  • Aku
    When I first discovered Aku, I thought she was so revolutionary. Her style is so sleek and cool!
  • Annie
    Annie has been around for a while and over the years I've joined and browsed many of her fanlistings. Definitely one of my many webmaster inspirations!
  • Arashi
    When I first started making websites (2009 or 2010), was on hiatus. And every time I checked it since then, it would still be on hiatus. That didn't stop me from always clicking through each and every one of Arashi's sites. I loved all of them!
  • Buruma
    Buruma's sites were one of the many that I consistently stalked whenever I needed inspiration. I adore all of her websites!
  • Dorothy
    Dorothy has such a distinctive style that I saw in very few other webmasters, and I LOVE it!
  • Kaz/Huma
    I always adored Huma's simplicity in her designs and how dedicated she was to her websites. I loved her .me domain names and how they were always short and sweet. It eventually led me to getting my own .me domain!
  • TFL Staff
    Fanlistings would be in total disarray without the staff. It's awesome knowing how many staffers are fanlisting owners themselves. They definitely are underappreciated sometimes!
  • Vicky
    I stalked endlessly. I loved a lot of her sites and it's a shame to see her domain being taken over by advertising websites.

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