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  • Bokura ga Ita
    *SPOILER ALERT LOL* Even though I wanted a happy ending and go it, I felt oddly unsatisfied by it. This series has subjected me to so many tears. I love it. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. UGGGHHH.
  • Caramels
    Ugh, my mouth is watering at the thought!
  • Cats
    I love cats. Not necessarily my favourite animal but hands down my favourite "domestic" animal. Neko Atsume is my life right now.
  • Evanescence: The Open Door
    This is the only Evanescence album I ever owned physically. It was a big style change but I loved it nonetheless.
  • Kahlo, Frida
    Frida Kahlo is quite possibly the most beautiful person to have ever existed. I have both admired and have been intimated by her ever since I wrote a paper about her in elementary school.
  • Lovely Complex
    This series so sweet, I almost can't take it.
  • No Doubt
    I just realized how many of their songs I've listened to. They have a ton of classics!
  • Pen Pals
    I rented a P.O. box so I could write to people. I love writing letters, typing up letters, etc.
  • Pens
    Pens over pencils any day. It's so much nicer to write with pens than pencils, imo.
  • Python
    Oh Python. So simple and sweet. Reads beautifully, like English.
  • Rock
    "Rock" is a very general genre but I love a lot of rock. I've always been a rocker at heart.
  • The Incredibles
    The Incredibles is amazing! It's one of my favourite Disney movies from this decade. Pixar always does an amazing job.
  • The Killers
    I've been on a binge lately.
  • To-Do Lists
    My planner is basically one huge to-do list.
  • Websites
    Websites AKA the bane of my existence but also the light of my existence.

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